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Dear legislator,

My name is ____________, I am _____ years old, and live at Woodspring apartments in Tigard, Oregon.  Until January 2021, Woodspring was affordable housing for low-income seniors.  When I moved into Woodspring it was going to be my last move, my forever home. Unfortunately the tax credits expired and on January 1st 2021, the owners informed us they would be moving the rents to market rate, sending myself and my neighbors into a frenzied panic over what the future might hold. 


We are on fixed incomes, elderly, medically fragile, and can't even qualify for other rentals even if we had the financial and physical ability to relocate. We desperately need the lifeline that SB 1557 extends. 


[Optional: Include a few sentences about your own situation -- otherwise delete this line.]


The importance and urgency of SB 1557 cannot be overstated. Please ensure that it passes this session. It is not just our housing that depends on it, but our lives and livelihoods. 

Thank you for your service and attention to this matter. 





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