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Contact Washington County about the Short Subsidy program! 

  1. Type your full name and email into the spaces below.

  2. Write your own message or copy the sample message provided.

  3. CLICK SUBMIT and your message will be sent to all relevant elected officials. 


Thank you for advocating for us! 

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My name is ____________, I am _____ years old, and live at Woodspring apartments in Tigard, Oregon.  

[Optional: Include a few sentences about your own situation -- otherwise delete this line.]

I am writing to inquire about the status of the state funded 'shallow-subsidy' program, and urge you to finalize the program details with urgency, and reach out to us right away with news. 


We are on fixed incomes, elderly, medically fragile, and 



Thank you for your service and attention to this matter. 





Phone Number

Write your own email, or use the sample email below to contact
decision makers in Washington County. 


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