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Contact the Legislature!
"VOTE YES on SB 611! Oregonians need Reasonable Rents!"

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Write your own email, or use the sample email below to submit testimony to the legislature 


My name is ____________, I am _____ years old, and live at Woodspring apartments in Tigard, Oregon.  

I live in affordable housing and cannot even afford yearly 5% rent increases. Social security and wages can't keep up.


[Optional: Include a few sentences about your own situation -- otherwise delete this line.]

No other business needs to raise prices by 5%+ every year to stay afloat. I have already made many sacrifices to keep up with these rent increases, but will not be able to absorb another. We are in a housing and homelessness crisis, to keep people housed we must keep the rent increases reasonable. Our current law allowing 7% + inflation (14.6% this year!) is not just unreasonable, it is inhumane and would make me homeless. 

Thank you for your service and attention to this matter. 





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